Display of goods on pavements

The following conditions apply specifically to the displays of goods on the footway of a public highway:

  • Displays should only be located outside the frontage of the premises so that staff and customers do not have to cross the normal flow of pedestrians.
  • The items in the display should only relate to the business carried out and must not obstruct access into the premises or any fire doors etc. 
  • All displays must be entirely against the frontage of the trading establishment and be no longer than a third of the shop frontage.
  • A pavement must be at least 2.8m wide before any shop displays are allowed on it. 
  • Empty milk crates and bread baskets must not be used as stands to display any goods on pavement. 
  • Displays detached from the frontage will not be permitted under any circumstances. 
  • Shop displays must not cause a visual distraction or obstruct sight lines of vehicle drivers, nor block visibility for pedestrians.
  • No selling or trading will be permitted upon the highway; all transactions must take place within the trading establishment.
  • The Code does not relate to goods displayed at market, street fetes, or lay-bys which are regulated by local byelaws or other special regimes.
  • Any additional requirements made by the Council, Police or Emergency Services must be complied with.
  • Shop displays may need to be removed during events, to permit maintenance of street works or for other reasonable cause

These general conditions may not be appropriate in every circumstance and any additional requirements by the Council, the Police or Emergency Services, which may include the removal of any items, must also be complied with.