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July 2015

Child Sex Exploitation (CSE)

In June we wrote to all licensed individuals on behalf of our police colleagues about the issues currently surrounding CSE.

Please make sure you remain familiar with this information as it is essential that you understand how to report your suspicions.

Don’t forget – you are required to keep a copy of the CSE leaflet in each vehicle.

Operators – you must ensure that all drivers have received the CSE information and you have a signature to evidence this. The evidence should be retained with your base records. Copies are available in the links below for you should require any extra information for your drivers.

August 2015

Depot Access - Barriers

There will be a change in access to the depot from Tuesday 8 September.

Vehicle / Pedestrian access will be only possible via stopping at the new barriers at the Shearbridge Road entrance from end of August. Visitors will have to press the intercom and explain why they are visiting the site. For visitors in vehicles, if there is space in Visitors parking they will be allowed access, if not they will be asked to park outside the depot and enter via pedestrian access point.

Extra Counter Appointments

From week commencing Monday 7 September we are able to offer in excess of 30 pre-bookable appointments, each working day, Monday – Friday. The addition of these appointments will be beneficial as this will allow more visitors to come at pre booked times, hence reducing queues and waiting times.

October 2015

CSE Seminars

The service has written to the PH Operator Licence holders and HC Vehicle Proprietor Holders regarding mandatory CSE seminars to be held at City hall in October.

Replies are required and attendance is mandatory for all PH Operators and HC Proprietors

If you are an Operator or HC Proprietor please contact the service immediately on this matter if you have not received your letter, lost your letter or need to discuss the date of your seminar.

November 2015

CSE Seminars Update

The service would like to thank all PH Operators and HC Vehicle Proprietors who attended the recent CSE seminars at City Hall. There was an excellent turn out and the feedback from the trade was positive.


Conditions Changes

Please look at the attached document below, under the November 2015 link to see details of conditions changes

December 2015

Agenda Points Form

Please fill in the agenda points form to submit any agenda points that you wish to bring forward at future meetings. These points will be required to help provide clarity and allow officers time to provide appropriate replies. The form is attached below under the December Links. Once you have completed the form please email it to

January 2016

Operator Business Meeting

Operators have been invited by email to the Operator Business Seminar at the end of January, 27th. Replies to the service are required on

February 2016

Conditions Proposals

The latest series of conditions proposals that have been discussed with Operators and the HCPH trade representatives went to committee in February. The new conditions were passed on 17th February at committee. These will appear shortly in the February related links page.

HCPH representative meeting

The latest representative meeting with Cllr Slater was held on 4th February


A reminder to all Operators that you must ensure that your chosen decals are authorised by officers at Shearbridge. Your vehicles should be displaying the approved version and it should be a permanent door decal.

March 2016

Rossendale - Intended Use Policy

Rossendale Council have introduced their intended use policy. This means that applicants to Rossendale have to state in which district they intend to use their vehicle. Applicants who state they are not using their vehicles within the Rossendale district boundaries are likely to have their applications refused. Applicants who state they are working in Rossendale but who are then found to be working predominantly outside Rossendale are likely to have their licences removed.

December 2015

November 2015

August 2015

July 2015

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