Air quality and emissions

28 February 2018

Reducing Emissions and Emissions Testing

We know that our local climate is changing, it’s becoming less stable and the evidence suggests that man-made climate change is responsible.

Please click on the below link for further details, including recommendations such as ‘no idling’ which will reduce emissions:

Dynamo Electric Taxi

1 November 2017

Dynamo Motor Company Limited will be producing the first all-electric, side wheel chair access Hackney carriage in the spring of 2018, It will travel 175 miles. It is a London specification Taxi and will be working in London, therefore attracting the maximum grants available for Electric Taxis.

This is a game changer in the Taxi industry as there are many benefits for the population of York. To see Electric Taxis, to experience riding in them certainly stimulates thoughts regarding purchasing electric vehicles and to have wheel chair accessible Taxis that are electric does mean that now Electric Taxis are available for everybody.

This can accelerate the process of change. For the Council it’s a great way to begin to introduce the electric alternative, for the Taxi driver they will see huge savings regarding running and servicing costs alike.

I work with many local authorities, all who want to see their own cities becoming cleaner. One of the biggest challenges, as in anything is getting people to change the way they have plied their trades for decades. The council can be very instrumental in this process.

I would welcome the opportunity to bring our demonstrator and show the Council, as well as getting drivers to have a go. I've done this many times before and by the end of the session, many drivers are thinking differently, it will only take a few early adopters for the rest to follow suit. Maybe the council can put incentives in for the drivers as Dundee In Scotland did, it worked extremely well there and Electric Taxis are now the norm.

Anyone interested in this should contact the company via the below website.

Kind regards - John Heath

Vehicle Emissions and Clean Air Zones

23 August 2017

There is a requirement from the Government to cut out 'Diesel vehicles' and to promote 'Electric vehicles' in line with the necessity to reduce harmful vehicle emissions. Reducing emissions and introducing clean air zones will assist in protecting the environment.

At the recent round of Operator Business meetings, in August 2017 discussions took place around:

  • Cost v Benefit (voluntary or mandatory)
  • Infrastructure availability (existing and future for charging points)
  • Battery range (improving but still not sufficient for trade)
  • Grants & assistance schemes (Council, corporate and individual)
  • Alternative options - conversions, dual fuel, compressed natural gas (cng)
  • Non-vehicle solutions - road re-engineering, cycle and pedestrian only routes etc

Please click on the following link for further information on items discussed the August 2017 meeting.

Operator Meeting August 2017

Additionally you can read further information about Electric Vehicles, emissions and clean air zones by clicking on the following 2 links:

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ULEV Operators Presentation

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