Creative Streets

Saturday 11 March to 30 April Darley Street, North Parade, Kirkgate Market and Oastler Square & Market, Bradford

Come and enjoy a fantastic programme of FREE family entertainment and activities staged at the top of Bradford city centre.

Go on the rampage with the ferocious Pirate Parade, reach for the stars at Top of Town’s Got Talent quest, drum up some creative tunes at our  Drumming Workshops, and embark on the quest to get minted on the In for a Penny – Treasure Hunt!

Step into the magical springtime world of the Wild Woods indoor woodland and performance space, celebrate everything Bradford at the Puppet Parade and spin your legs at a range of colourful, Capital of Cycling Hub activities.

Follow the indie trail around Bradford’s best independent businesses with Only Independents and get your hands on some very special rewards as you go.


Pirate Parade by Q20 and Capital of Cycling

Saturday 11 March, 12 noon to 4pm

Starts Rawson Square, moves through Kirkgate Market, Darley Street, Oastler Market and Oastler Square

Marauding pirates rampage through ‘Top of Town Island’, and with the help of their young recruits, show off their buccaneering skills. Join the parade which features a moving pirate ship and decorated bikes! Celebrate your conquest at a swashbuckling picnic at Oastler Square.

Contact: or call 01274 221360

Loud and Proud Dhol Drumming Workshop by Punjabi Roots Academy

Saturday 18 March, 4pm to 6pm

Wild Woods, opp. Kirkgate Centre, Darley Street

Your chance to learn the art of Chaal, Bhangra and Gidha beats in highly entertaining and interactive sessions.

Contact: or call 0333 335 0588

The Wild Woods in Boom by The Brick Box

Saturdays 18 March, 1 & 15 April, 4pm to 9pm

(11pm 15 April)

Wild Woods, opp. Kirkgate Centre, Darley Street

The Wild Woods are back, and everything our creative Bradfordian visitors planted last year is ready to bloom. Come and see the colours inside and out, watch joyful spring performances, and play games on Darley Street.

Spring Flower and Shamrock Cycle Parades

Saturdays 18 March & 1 April, 3pm to 4pm

Meet at bottom of Ivegate; goes through Kirkgate, Darley Street, Oastler Square, North Parade and Cheapside.

Attend one of our costumed cycling workshops and practice riding in a group.

Contact: 07745 893200 or visit

Drumming Workshops by Moses Ekebuisi

Thursdays 23 & 30 March, 6 & 13 April, 6pm to 7pm

Cecil Green Arts, Darley Street (opp. Kirkgate Centre)

Tue 28 March, Sats 1, 8, Tue 11 April, 9.30am to 12 noon, 1pm to 5pm

Rawson Place, Kirkgate, Darley Street, Northgate

Your chance to learn the spiritual and therapeutic rhythms from the ancient Ibo from Eastern Nigeria. Grab a drum and have a go or dance along to the soulful beats.

Contact: or call 07448 040612

Top of Town’s Got Talent by Q20

Saturday 1 April, 1pm to 4pm

Oastler Square

Make an April fool of yourself and find out if you’ve got what it takes to become Top of the Town. Be amazed by local people’s special talents from acrobatics, poetry, plate spinning, clog dancing or even just ear wiggling!

Contact: or call 01274 221360 to find out more.

April Fools’ Wacky Cycle Challenges by Capital of Cycling

Saturday 1 April, 1pm to 4pm

Oastler Square

Show off your skills on reverse bikes, monkey bikes, over-sized bikes, companion bikes, and have a go on hand cranked and recumbent cycle challenges.

Contact: 07745 893200 or visit

Balle!! Balle!! Bhangra and Bollywood Dance by Punjabi Roots Academy in partnership with The Brick Box

Saturday 1 April, 6pm to 7pm

Wild Woods, opp. Kirkgate Centre, Darley Street

Don’t miss this bright, colourful and high energy performance with explosive live Dhol drumming and beautiful dancers.

Contact: or call 0333 335 0588

In For A Penny Treasure Hunt by Adept

Fri 7 & Sat 8, Tue 11 – Sat 15 April, 11am – 1pm, 1.30pm – 3pm

Starts Yorkshire Penny Bank, 40 North Parade

Meet a crazy banker and some strange and quirky characters on your quest to solve all the clues and get your hands on your own, specially minted, Yorkshire Penny!

Contact: or call 07816 526121

Puppet Parade by Cecil Green Arts, Punjabi Roots Academy & Moses Ekebuisi

Saturday 15 April, 2pm to 4pm

Starts Darley Street, moves through Kirkgate, Rawson Quarter and the Oastler Centre

Workshops: Thur 2 March – Thur 13 April

Cecil Green Arts, Darley Street (opp. Kirkgate Centre)

Join this vibrant, colourful and musical art parade celebrating everything Bradford! Show off your beautiful costume crafted at special workshops run by Bradford’s master mask and puppet makers. Your chance to create a dragon, bling your bike, stilt walk or hula-hoop your way through Bradford’s streets!

Contact: or call 07518 402079

The B3ats by Punjabi Roots Academy

Saturday 15 April, 10pm to 11pm

Wild Woods, opp. Kirkgate Centre, Darley Street

Experience this pioneering exotic fusion of eastern and western instruments, professional DJ set up and scratch sounds in this Live Band vs DJs performance.

Contact: or call 0333 335 0588

Bradford Capital of Cycling

Sunday 30 April, 8am to 11am, 1pm to 4pm

Various locations on Darley Street, Ivegate, Kirkgate and Oastler Square

Have a go on range of ingenious and innovative adaptive bikes designed to cater to all ages and abilities. Be inspired by the Tour de Yorkshire and compete a slow or timed hill climb race, track stand or wheelie challenges.

Contact: 07745 893200 or visit


Visit for further information and updates.

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