Adventure hire and launch 2023

These sessions are for hire and launch of sit on tops, open canoes, kayaks and stand up paddleboards. They are not Instructor led sessions.

Sessions start May 2023 and run on a Saturday morning 10am to 11.30am and Tuesday evening 6pm to 7.30pm and must be pre booked. You cannot participate without a pre-booking.

Please note the price is per boat not per participant.

Please refer to the suitable for section on the below table.

You do not need to make separate bookings for each participant for boats that take more than 1 person.

Activity Suitable for Full price Bradford Leisure Card price
Single Sit on Top 1 confident over 8 £10 £8
Tandem Sit on top 2 over 8's or an adult with an under 8 £15 £12
Inflatable Tandem Sit on Top 2 over 8's or adult with an under 8 (more stable than a tandem sit on top) £15 £12
Stand up paddle board 1 very confident over 8 £10 £8
Launch per craft * This cost is for those with their own craft £6 £4.80

*Anyone wishing to hire or launch a closed cockpit kayak must hold a British Canoeing Kayak Skills award.

Sit on tops 

Both single and tandem sit on top kayaks are fairly stable and easy to get the hang of so very suitable for novices.

Inflatable tandem sit on top

More stable than our hard sit on tops and perfect for the more nervous novice paddlers or adults with younger children who want to build their confidence on the water.

Stand up paddleboard

Definitely our wettest activity! You can paddle these knelt down but be prepared you may fall in a few times when attempting to stand up for the first time. Recommended for the more water confident paddler who is up for a challenge!

Safety and risk

These sessions are not Instructor led.

Paddlesport activities carry inherent risks, which cannot be entirely eliminated; in particular, those associated with cold water. Participants must be aware of and accept the risks, whilst taking responsibility for actions which minimise the risks to acceptable levels.

General rules

The following rules will help to keep activities safe and enjoyable for all:

  • All participants must wear a buoyancy aid at all times once they enter the waterfront area. These are provided and included in the cost.
  • Wetsuits are strongly recommended (particularly for all under 18’s and anyone hiring a stand up paddleboard). These are issued free of charge
  • Please come 'beach ready' just to put these on. If you don’t wish to wear a wetsuit, please wear light weight quick drying clothing suitable for the weather on the day. You will get splashed whilst paddling.
  • All paddleboards must have the leash attached to their waist or ankle at all times when on the water.
  • Suitable footwear, for example trainers or wet shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Participants must ensure that their activities are within their own ability and confidence levels and appropriate to the prevailing weather conditions
  • Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult participating with them. 1 Adult can supervise up to 2 under 18’s.
  • Children under the age of 8 must be in the same craft as an adult. Minimum age is 5.
  • Adults must be confident that any children hiring single boats or boards are confident and able enough to paddle independently. If you are unsure book a tandem craft for their first session.
  • Rotating participants around one craft for either a hire or launch booking is not allowed please book enough craft for the amount of people attending.
  • Participants who are launching their own craft must ensure they are well maintained. We do not allow launching of inflatable novelty pool floats, lilos or inflatable rowing boats. If you are unsure, please contact us.
  • There is no swimming allowed, if you fall out of your craft please get back on immediately or in an emergency signal to be rescued. Anyone found to be not adhering to this rule or continuously capsizing will be asked to leave immediately and may be unable to book on any further sessions.
  • Centre staff will be available on site to issue equipment and advise of suitable activity boundaries for the session. Boundaries may be altered dependent on weather conditions and will be shown to you on the day of your session, for repeat paddlers please don’t presume they are the same always check if you are unsure.
  • All participants must stay within the boundaries, unless specific permission has been given on the day by the duty manager – Please contact us to discuss the minimum requirements for this.
  • The banks around the reservoir are rocky and unstable. You must not disembark on any banks around the reservoir other than the designated launching area by the pontoon.
  • Please respect the equipment provided to you and do not drag boards or boats across the bank. You will be charged for any damage caused to equipment whilst on your hire.
  • Smoking, drugs and alcohol are prohibited.
  • Emergency Safety boat cover will be available on site; however, this will be for emergency recovery only.
  • It is at the managements discretion to refuse hire or ask you to leave if the above rules or boundaries on the water are not adhered to. In this case refunds will not be given.

How to book a session

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