Aqua Combat

Aqua Combat. Power your way to fitnessPower your way to fitness with Aqua Combat: an energetic pool session combining a mix of martial arts, body combat and kick-boxing.

Developed in partnership with the experts at the ASA, Aqua Combat provides a full body workout which will target all muscle groups through different high energy movements in the water.

A typical class will see you strike, punch and kick against the resistance of the water to driving music with the support of an instructor. You will be taken on a journey through bursts of high intensity exercise pushing you to near maximum capacity, separated by low intensity intervals as recovery.

Water creates natural resistance, which means every step is more challenging – and you’re more likely to see the results you want quicker than any other workout!

Taking part in one session per week will provide a host of benefits:

  • tone and shape key muscle groups 
  • burn calories for a leaner body 
  • improve core strength and stability 
  • improve cardio vascular capacity 
  • increase energy 
  • decrease in stress

Can’t wait to get started?

For adults and children 14 years and over

Aqua Combat sessions are available at the following centres:

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