Unitary Development Plan

What is the UDP for the Bradford District?

The Replacement Unitary Development Plan (RUDP) is the statutory Development Plan that the Council has produced to fulfil its obligations under the 1990 Planning Act.

The Development Plan is a land use strategy for the Bradford District and is the prime consideration when the Council makes decisions on planning applications. It includes policies to guide development and proposals for the use of land to ensure that the needs of the District's population for homes, jobs, shopping, recreation and other facilities can be met.

The Replacement Unitary Development Plan (RUDP) for the Bradford District was adopted by the Council on the 18th of October 2005.

RUDP Saved Policies: October 2008

Under Government legislation relating to the transition between the old UDP system and the new LDF system, the RUDP policies were ‘saved’ for 3 years. The Council has received a Direction from the Secretary of State which now saves the vast majority of RUDP policies beyond this 3 year period. The direction letter and schedule below indicates which RUDP policies are still saved and therefore still form part of the statutory Development Plan for Bradford. Please note that 16 policies have been deleted from the plan, these are listed in the document below.

The Council received legal advice in November 2011 to the effect that with the lapsing of RUDP Policies H1 and H2 any unimplemented housing site is no longer allocated as part of the saved statutory development plan. This was never the intention of the approach to saving policies, as approved by Executive in April 2008 or that of the Secretary of State in their Direction issued in September 2008. To this end Executive on 21 November 2011 resolved to clarify the status of these sites, in particular the need to give significant weight to any such unimplemented sites based upon the work undertaken in their original allocation as part of the RUDP.

Public Local Inquiry

The Inquiry took place between 7th January 2003 and 25th September 2003.

The team of Inspectors was as follows:

Mr C. Hughes BA (Hons) MA DMS MRTPI
Miss B. Whitbread Dip TRP MSoc Sci MRTPI
Mr P. Asquith MA MRTPI
Mr J. Gillis BA (Hons) MRTPI

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