The Yorkshire and Humber Plan

The Yorkshire and Humber Plan (Regional Spatial Strategy) to 2026 was revoked on 22nd February 2013.

The following paragraphs provide information on that Plan as it has shaped the preparation of the Core Strategy DPD.

The Yorkshire and Humber Plan - The Regional Spatial Strategy

The Yorkshire and Humber Plan sets out a broad long-term strategy for development in the Region. It covers topics such as housing, economic development, transport, the environment and regeneration.

The Yorkshire and Humber Plan is the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) for this region. The Plan was adopted in May 2008. The RSS is a statutory document and part of the development plan. It informs the preparation of Local Development Frameworks and is an important consideration in the determination of planning applications.

A Revised Plan for the Region

In 2008, the Yorkshire and Humber Assembly began to undertake a review of the Plan, entitled The Housing Challenge: Regional Spatial Strategy 2009 Update, to look at how the region can deal with the issue of housing growth to address its investment needs and strategic priorities.

The Assembly is consulted on Spatial Options for the 2009 Update from 10 November 2008 to 30 January 2009. The Spatial Options asked questions about the scale of housing development we should be planning for and where in the long term this housing might be accommodated.

Bradford Council submitted comments to the Yorkshire & Humber Assembly regarding the spatial options. All the consultation responses, including the Council’s, can be viewed on the Yorkshire & Humber Assembly’s website. Bradford Council’s response is featured within ‘Paper 2: Responses SO27 – SO52’ on page 77.

Please note that from 1st April 2009 the Yorkshire and Humber Assembly has ceased to exist. The work of the Assembly will be taken forward by a combination of Local Government Yorkshire and Humber and Yorkshire Forward.

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