Credit Unions

Credit unions are non profit making co-operatives which offer ethical financial services like insurance, loans and savings accounts to local people. Credit union members must have a 'common bond', for example living or working in the local area, in order to join the co-operative.

A Credit Union is owned and democratically controlled by the members for the benefit of all. It is a form of community banking which offers low interest loans to members as well as a members' dividend.

There are no fees or charges and repayments are organised to suit an individual's circumstances. Local money remains in the community and encourages a sense of financial security and community strength.

The Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL) has over 400 credit union members in the UK. They regulate their member organisations to make sure they are run effectively and ethically. They also lobby the government to help bring about change in legislation to benefit credit unions.

Credit Unions in the Bradford district

Bradford District Credit Union Limited

Ground Floor
City Hall
West Yorkshire

Ciba Water Treatments Credit Union Limited

Cleckheaton Road
Low Moor
West Yorkshire
BD12 0JZ

Felix Credit Union (Bradford) Limited

St. Patrick’s Centre
Sedgfield Terrace
West Yorkshire

Saint Anthony's (Clayton) Credit Union Limited

St Anthony's Presbytery
Bradford Road
West Yorkshire
BD14 6HW

St Brendan's Credit Union Limited

St Brendan's Church
Rimswell Holt
West Yorkshire
BD10 0EY

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