What if I can't pay my bill?

If you think you will have difficulty paying your bill by the due date contact debt recovery to discuss an alternative arrangement for payment.

How we enforce payment

The main ways we enforce payment are:

  • Enforcement Agents may remove and sell your goods to the value of the outstanding debt and the costs awarded. The enforcement agent will give you the opportunity to make an arrangement for payment before removing your goods. You will incur a significant amount of costs relating to the visits made by the enforcement agent. 
  • Attachment of earnings. If you are working the court can require your employer to make deductions from your wage or salary until the debt is cleared. Your employer is also entitled to charge you for making this deduction from your wage or salary. 
  • Bankruptcy/Liquidation proceedings may be commenced. 
  • Deductions from DWP benefits may be requested in certain circumstances. 
  • Charging order - we may register a charge against any property you own.

You can still contact us to discuss an arrangement for payment even at this stage.

Taking court action

If you do not pay by the due date, or keep to any arrangement for payment, we may make a claim in the County Court to enforce payment of the debt. If we do this we will also make an application for costs which could range from £70 to £500, which you will have to pay.

Effect of a court judgement

If you do not pay a County Court Judgement in full, within 28 days of the Judgement, your details will be held on a nationally maintained register for six years.

This register is a public document which is available for inspection. If your name appears on this register it will affect your credit rating and could significantly reduce your chances of obtaining credit in the future.

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Contact details

Phone : 01274 437724
Fax : 01274 736529
Textphone (Minicom) : 01274 437813
Email : sundry.debts@bradford.gov.uk

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