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We have a number of social media accounts that you can connect with. You can use social media to keep up with what’s going on, to ask us questions and to join in with discussions about things that interest or affect you.


Main page: Bradford Council on Facebook

Our other Facebook pages:

Facebook groups:


Main Bradford Council account: @bradfordmdc

Our other Twitter accounts:


 We use YouTube for videos about events, people and places. We also use it to explain how some of our services work. Here are our YouTube channels:



We use Instagram to share photos and short videos. These are our Instagram accounts:



We use Snapchat to show what is happening at events, give behind-the-scenes views, and tell the story of the event. We first used it at Bradford Festival in 2016.


 We use Flickr to store and share photos from across the district. As well as Flickr accounts you can follow, there are also Flickr groups that you can join, and add your own photos for others to see. 

Main account: Bradford Council on Flickr

Our other Flickr accounts: 

Flickr groups: 


Bradford Council company page on LinkedIn


 Bradford Council on Google+


 Bradford Council on Pinterest

Visit Bradford on Pinterest

Wordpress blogs

We use blogs to bring you news of what we are working on, and to explain more about some of our services. 

Main blog: Bradford Council

Our other blogs:

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