Working for a safe and peaceful Eid

Shearbridge Residents Association was formed in 2013 by local residents wanting to tackle ongoing concerns in their community. The group was supported by Bradford West Ward Officer to liaise with services, apply for funding and give advice on community initiatives.

For several years local residents had suffered with anti-social behaviour over the Eid period as people came to enjoy the many restaurants and takeaways on Great Horton Road. The crowds of people unfortunately created problems such as late night noise, double parking and litter, as well as individuals who came with the sole purpose of driving their cars through the area and causing problems for the local community.

An Eid working group was set up in June 2014 to look at improving the community safety operation during the Eid celebrations. The working group included Ward councillors, Shearbridge Residents Association, business representatives, the Council’s Neighbourhood and Highways services, and the Neighbourhood Policing Team. The group worked together to find practical solutions and agree operational plans.

The operation was successful due to effective coordination through the Area Coordinator’s Office and Neighbourhood Policing Team, strong community leadership by local councillors, and good stakeholder involvement in the planning stages. Local expertise was utilised and everyone involved demonstrated a willingness to work together on new and innovative solutions.

As a result of the working group partners were able to find a compromise in agreeing a road closure which allowed residents the peace they needed with a minimum impact on businesses. The Police and Council Wardens worked as a team and shared resources, enabling them to be as effective as possible.

The Eid working group plan to continue working together and hope they can improve the operation year on year with the lessons they have learnt.

The impact

The project resulted in an effective four-day operation over the Eid weekend in October with all partners doing everything they could to make the celebrations peaceful and safe.

The operation required significant resources from both the Council and Police but resulted in clear outcomes in terms of reduced crime and anti-social parking and other behaviour. One stolen car was recovered and 14 cars were seized. There were five arrests and 68 parking tickets and 60 tickets for police offences were issued.

Crucially the Eid operation resulted in an improvement in residents’ quality of life. In previous years the impact from the anti-social behaviour had meant they were embarrassed to invite family members to their neighbourhood, children were unable to sleep and the community felt unsupported.

The partnership approach was effective in ensuring local resident felt safe and secure in their homes and able to enjoy their own Eid celebrations.

One resident said: “I would just like to say thank you for the first weekend of peace in 20 years of living on this street. Thank you.”

Get involved

For more information about similar initiatives contact your local Area Co-ordinator’s Office:

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