Lidget Green Walking and Outdoor Club

Lidget Green Walking Club is an established walking group set up to promote the health and wellbeing of the local community, with particular emphasis on the over 50s.

The group aims to increase the physical activity level of the people of Bradford; in particular those who currently lead sedentary lifestyles and have more barriers to participating in physical activity and accessing countryside, such as people with mental health problems, learning difficulties and sensory impairment.

The walks arranged by the group can be anywhere from a mile in the vicinity of its Lidget Green base to a 22-mile trek across some of Yorkshire’s finest peaks.

Walking is claimed to be the most popular leisure activity in the UK. The country has comprehensive rights of way, which permit easy access to the countryside as well as wilderness areas such as the Yorkshire Dales.

The impact

The benefits of health walks can be seen in both the individual and the community by making it possible for people to:

  • Be sociable/make friends 
  • Improved physical and mental health 
  • Explore their local area 
  • Get out into the natural environment 
  • Reduce stress/increase wellbeing 
  • Take ‘green’ exercise 
  • Reduced isolation amongst people with impairments

Get involved

For more information about the club call 07472 253213 or email

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