Be a Green Dog Walker

The Green Dog Walkers scheme is a district-wide community-led initiative. It’s designed to unite dog owners and non-dog owners alike to promote responsible ownership in a friendly non-confrontational way.

Dog owners are asked to ‘make a pledge’ to clean up after their dogs and by wearing a green arm band or displaying a small green cover on a dog lead. By wearing the green bands dog owners are also signalling that they carry spare dog poo bags for other dog walkers who may have left their bags at home.

Our Neighbourhoods Service provides support for promotional materials and bags. However, groups are encouraged to organise fund raising events to ensure the scheme is sustainable.

Its success depends on visibility and friendly peer pressure to encourage changes in attitude and improve local environmental quality by reducing dog fouling offences in neighbourhoods.

Bingley Green Dog Walkers group was the first in the district in December 2013. It was launched at Bingley Christmas Fair by two enthusiastic mums. They didn’t have a dog between them but cared passionately about their neighbourhood and local environment.

A number of other groups have followed suit elsewhere in the district. They work closely with Council Wardens to tackle dog fouling. Green Dog Walking has proved a big hit on social media and local schools have taken part in awareness sessions and poster campaigns.

The impact

There is greater awareness of the anti-social nature and the consequences of dog fouling in many neighbourhoods.

There has been a reduction in reported incidents of dog fouling in areas where the Green Dog Walkers scheme is active – a significant reduction in some areas.

Get involved

Become a Green Dog Walker

To find out whether there’s an existing Green Dog Walkers group near you, or to find out how to set up a new group in your neighbourhood, contact your local Area Co-ordinator’s Office:

Bradford East – 01274 431066
Bradford South – 01274 431155
Bradford West – 01274 432597
Keighley – 01535 618008
Shipley – 01274 437146

Or email:

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