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Devonshire Park, in the Highfield area of Keighley, has no lighting and suffers from some anti-social behaviour. Local people were concerned by these issues and asked our Neighbourhoods Service for support to address the problems. 

Initial meetings held through the Highfield Working Group resulted in the Friends of Devonshire Park group being formed.

The group has brought together people from diverse backgrounds to share their common interest in park safety and improving the park, and have a sense of ownership over their local open public space. It has enabled local volunteers to take a lead and be involved in the future management of the park.

Volunteers have come together and participated in park site visits and small organised park clean-ups involving young people. The group is looking at funding sources for a range of new community focused events in the park.

Other plans include designing a questionnaire for a wider community consultation, setting up a Facebook page, working with local schools to encourage them to use the park for educational visits and developing an Education Tree Trail in partnership with the Council’s tree services team.

Highfield Community Centre and our Parks and Landscapes Service and Keighley Area Co-ordinators Office work with the group as required to offer focused support and assistance.

The impact

Local knowledge, skills and expertise are being utilised to strengthen the local infrastructure and promote people taking a lead, empowering them to ‘do it for themselves’ and putting something back into their community and neighbourhood .

Other outcomes are to:

  • improve the appearance and repair the infrastructure of Devonshire Park for the benefit of the wider community 
  • consider a tailored replanting programme to improve safety within the park and its boundaries 
  • promote a pride in the park 
  • provide a diverse range of volunteering opportunities through community engagement and involvement

Get involved

A number of community groups help to care for and broaden local people’s enjoyment of their local parks, woodlands and recreation grounds.

For more information about 'Friends Of' or community groups visit our parks website or call 01274 433828.

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