How does New Deal affect you?

Together, we need to think about what matters most to residents and which services and activities make the biggest difference to the district.

None of us have all the answers, but we all need to think about how we can contribute to creating the kind of place we want to live in, because we can achieve far more working together than we ever can alone.

For example, looking after the environment, helping to keep the places we live and work in clean and safe, reducing waste, increasing recycling and getting involved in the community are the right things to do.

We want you to keep telling us your ideas.

  • What things matters most to you and your community or business?
  • What things matter less and could be stopped or changed?
  • What can you and other people do differently to help?
  • What help do people need to do more for themselves?

New Deal means:

  • Some services might be delivered in a different way, such as community managed libraries
  • We might need more volunteers to get involved in some services
  • Some services might change, or may have to be cut back or stopped
  • Some services might be in a different building
  • You might need to travel further to use a service

There are lots of ways that people can get involved in New Deal, and plenty of examples of how people and communities are already contributing to their local areas in a range of inspiring ways.

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