How can I do more to help New Deal?

There are lots of general ways you can be an ‘active citizen’ and help yourself and the district’s public services at the same time.

For example, if together everyone does their bit to reduce waste and re-use and recycle more we can save money. We won’t have to collect people’s general waste as often because there’ll be less of it – and we won’t have to pay to put as much of it into landfill or have it burnt in incinerators.

Similarly, if you keep yourself and your family active and healthy, you can help reduce the demand for expensive health and care services in the longer term.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Look after your own and your family’s health
  • Join in activities at your local community centre
  • Recycle as much as you can. If everyone in the district could switch 10% of the general waste thrown in green bins to recycling instead, together we'd save taxpayers over £1m a year.
  • Support the children in your family, and other children you know, in getting a good education
  • Making learning fun at home - read, count and play every day with young children
  • ‘Shop locally’ and support Bradford district’s economy
  • Be a good neighbour - look out for older and vulnerable people
  • Help keep your local area looking nice – help with clean ups if they are happening, keep your bins tidy and clean up after your dog
  • Get involved in your community, volunteer if you can, get involved at your children’s school and support local causes
  • Be proud and positive about Bradford district

To find out more about what is happening in your neighbourhood, contact your local Area Co-ordinator’s Office:

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