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What is a BBC Micro:bit?

The BBC Micro:bit is a mini computer that is designed to make learning to code fun and is very simple to use.

How do I borrow a Micro:bit?

All you will need is your library card and your imagination! We recommend that micro:bits are only used by those over 8 years old.

How do I get started once I’ve borrowed a Micro:bit?

There are a set of basic instructions included, or visit the BBC Micro:bit website.

Is there any safety information?

Yes, the Micro:bit Foundation offer some safety advice.

How is the Micro:bit packaged?

Our Micro:bits are cased in a plastic wallet which contains 1x BBC Micro:bit, 1x battery pack, 1x USB cable to connect the Micro:bit to a computer or laptop, 1x antistatic bag to keep the Micro:bit in when not in use, and a how to leaflet, and 2x AAA batteries to use the Micro:bit.

Each set is available to loan for up to 3 weeks and is free. You can borrow them from a library helpdesk.

Please use the contents list on the box to ensure you return all parts for someone else to borrow. If parts go missing, this will mean that the kit is no longer available to loan and you may have to pay for a replacement.

Please return to the library you borrowed the micro:bit from.

I got my Micro:bit home and it doesn’t work or there are parts missing, what do I do?

Please return to your library and let us know which part is missing, or if it doesn't work. Library staff will replace it with another kit, as long as there is one available. In times of high demand, they may need to request one from another library for you.

Which libraries can I borrow a Micro:bit from?

You can check availability or reserve micro:bits here

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