Volunteering - Sport and Healthy Living Opportunities

Volunteers are very important in the delivery of high quality services by Bradford Council to the citizens of the Bradford district.

Thank you for your interest.

These role descriptions are designed to give you clarity about what you could do and who will support you.

Bradford Gold - Sports Volunteering Film:

This is a short film depicting some activities that volunteers can get involved in in sport from organising a warm up to coaching a cricket session.

There are a series of short shots which include the following:

  • A sports volunteer is showing a group of children how to hit a cricket ball and how to do an over arm bowl.
  • Another volunteer is demonstrating how to hit a tennis ball up and down on a racket.
  • One child bowls a cricket ball to another child who hits the ball.
  • Volunteers help to warm up a group of children so their muscles are ready for exercise.
  • A volunteer demonstrates how to hit a tennis ball.
  • 2 boys are having fun playing cricket
  • A volunteer keeps the game under control with the use of a whistle.
  • A group of boys practise an over arm bowling action.
  • A volunteer helps a group of children to play dodge ball.
  • A volunteer shows a boy how to perfect the over arm cricket bowling action showing the side on angle.
  • A group of children play dodge ball.
  • Children are playing cricket.
  • The volunteer coach has a team talk to lift team spirits.
  • A child bowls a ball then a child hits a ball.
  • A group of children do some quadriceps stretches.
  • A young boy throws a ball.

The film comes to an end

Assistant Basketball Coach

Sports Events Volunteer

Sports holiday camp assistants

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