Housing Allocations System

How do I register for housing?

The council uses a system called value based letting (VBL) for the allocation of properties. This is managed by Incommunities Group. Other registered social landlords put their properties on this system.

What is Value Based Lettings?

This is the name of the computer system used to allocate social housing within the district. Properties are allocated based on the banding and waiting times within the bands.

Not all social landlords are signed up to advertise their vacant housing stock, you may wish to contact those landlords directly.

How can I register for this service?

To register for the service you need to contact:

Incommunities: 01274 257777
Housing Options: 01274 435999

Your application will be taken over the phone. You will be informed of how long you may wait based on the information provided. A document will be sent to you that must be signed and returned to the Housing team before your application is made active. You can visit the Housing Team at Britannia House Hall Ings, Bradford, BD1 1HX (use the entrance on the corner of Bridge Street and Broadway),

What happens next?

When you are matched to a property the landlord will contact you to arrange a viewing. It is important you continually update your registration with your current address and telephone number so the landlord to contact you.

How long will I wait?

It depends upon your banding, length of time of the list and areas of choice. You will be banded dependent upon your housing need. Due to shortage of housing stock you are advised to look at accommodation in the private rented sector.

How can I get a higher banding?

Your banding is based on the urgency of your housing need. If you require an assessment to determine your housing need you will be referred to Housing Options. You will be expected to provide any proof or information requested by the Housing Options Officer.

Can I move and remain on the list?

Yes you can, however it is important you keep your registration up to date with your contact details otherwise the landlord will not be able to contact you should you be matched to a property.

I have been matched to a property what do I do?

The landlord will get in touch with you based on the details you provided at the time of registration. They will assess your suitability for the property. It is important you keep us up to date with your current address and telephone number. Please be aware your prospective landlord will need you to supply evidence of your ID, your income and your immigration status before sign up.

Is there an application expiry date and when should I renew?

We are currently looking at extending the expiry dates. In the meantime, we recommend you to contact Incommunities every 6 months on 01274 257777 quoting your VBL number to keep your application active.

How do I update my details?

To update your details, you can contact:

Incommunities: 01274 257777
Housing Options: 01274 435999

Email: housingoptions@bradford.gov.uk

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