Finding student accommodation in Bradford

There are many options when it comes to student accommodation. You might end up living in purpose-built student accommodation, a converted house or a studio apartment, in the city centre or out in the suburbs, sharing with other students or with non-students or living on your own.

Finding the right kind of accommodation should be a priority but often students find themselves in sub-standard and sometimes unsafe properties. They often rush into signing a tenancy agreement which they later come to regret. Don't let this happen to you.

Great care, time and consideration should be taken when choosing accommodation to rent. Don’t be pressured into taking the first offer you are made. Look at a number of properties, weigh up the costs including charges for services and utilities, and make a carefully considered choice. If you get it wrong you may have to live with your mistake for the academic year.

Unipol approved accommodation

Unipol is a charitable organisation which aims to ensure acceptable standards of student accommodation in Bradford. Its website provides useful guidance to students on what to look for when viewing properties in the private sector, as well as guidance on contracts and deposit protection.

Visit the Unipol website for further information.

Students are strongly advised by the University and College, and their students unions, to rent property from landlords who are members of one of the three Unipol Codes in Bradford. These Codes cover a wide range of issues affecting a student tenancy and aim to ensure that providers go substantially beyond their legal minimum requirements in providing good quality, safe and well managed housing for students. All the Codes set minimum standards for:

  • the physical condition of the property 
  • the way in which the property has to be managed 
  • maintaining customer satisfaction and dealing promptly with any repairs or problems.

All the Codes cover repair guidelines and have a complaints system that can be used to resolve outstanding matters and, if the landlord is in breach of a Code, an independent tribunal can remove them from that Code and make recommendations to statutory or other bodies. All the Codes are robustly administered, have tough entry standards and landlords are checked (or verified) to make sure they meet the standards they say they do.

Standards in private rented accommodation

There are legal standards that apply to rented accommodation to protect the health, safety and welfare of the occupants. You can find more information about these standards, and what you can do to ensure you choose accommodation that is right for you, in our Private Tenants Handbook (136kb)

Houses in Multiple Occupation

If you live in a shared house or in bedsit type accommodation the property is likely to be classed as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO). The standards for HMOs tend to be higher than for single occupancy properties, particularly with regards to fire safety, and some higher-risk HMOs must be licensed. You should check compliance with the required standards, which can be found on the Houses in Multiple Occupation pages, and any licence conditions before renting accommodation in an HMO.

What to do if you have problems after moving in

You should first consult your landlord if you experience problems with your accommodation.

If your landlord fails to carry out necessary repairs and is a member of Unipol you should contact them in the first instance for help to resolve the matter.

If your landlord ignores you or fails to carry out regular maintenance or repairs satisfactorily, and is not a member of Unipol, you can contact the Housing Standards Team for advice. In most cases we will be able to intervene.

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