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If you are a private landlord or agent looking to let your property we can introduce you to tenants through the Bradford Council Private Sector Lettings Scheme. 

What is the purpose of the Private Sector Lettings Scheme?

To use properties in the private sector to help house people registered on our housing waiting list. We have families with children, single people, couples and older people looking for private rent accommodation.

How the scheme works

The scheme successfully pairs customers with landlords in the private sector. As a landlord, you will still have full management of the property.

You are not restricted to waiting for us to provide you with a tenant. You can look for a tenant elsewhere whilst the property is on our list.

If one of our customers is interested in your property, a Private Rented Options Officer will contact you to arrange a convenient time for viewing.

If you are not satisfied with the potential tenant when you meet them then you do not have to accept them.

If a letting is agreed, the Council can provide up to four weeks rent in advance at the start of a tenancy.

How do you benefit?

  • It’s free - no finders fee
  • We advertise your property to potential tenants
  • We have a list of potential tenants ready and waiting
  • Competitive rental income
  • Rent in Advance up to four weeks
  • Direct Housing Benefit Payments straight into your account
  • You retain full control over your property
  • Ongoing support offered for tenants and landlords to ensure the tenancy is running smoothly
  • Assistance for tenants to claim any Housing Benefit they may be entitled to
  • Assistance with Right to Rent checks
  • Income assessments completed on potential tenants
  • A dedicated team offering a free service to help you every step of the way
  • You don’t have to take the tenant if you don’t want to

What sort of property is suitable?

The Council is looking for properties of all sizes across Bradford District.

Before any property is accepted onto the scheme the property will be inspected by one of the Council's surveyors to ensure it meets minimum standards. We will also need to see a number of valid certificates prior to acceptance onto the scheme. These are a Gas Safety Certificate, a Periodical Inspection of the Electrical Installation Certificate and an Energy Performance Certificate.

The Council expects landlords to let on the basis of an assured shorthold tenancy under the Housing Act 1996.

Can a tenant claiming Housing Benefit be offered a property under this scheme?

Most of the households benefiting from this scheme will be entitled to Housing Benefit to help them meet the cost of paying their rent.

If a tenant is not entitled to maximum Housing Benefit, the shortfall between the full rent and the benefit entitlement must be met by the tenant. In some cases the tenant may be entitled to discretionary housing payments to cover those costs.

Could a tenant contact me directly?

Yes. There is a high demand for Council and Housing Association accommodation and we actively encourage applicants from the Council's Housing Register to find accommodation in the private sector.

If you are approached in this way, please contact the Private Rented Housing Options team on 01274 434661 as you still may be able to take advantage of some of the benefits of the Private Sector Lettings Scheme.

What happens if I need to claim for damage or theft as a participant of the Private Rented Scheme?

The Council's Private Sector Lettings Scheme cannot remove all the risks which landlords take in letting any property. However, the Council will endeavour to ensure that the tenancy is conducted satisfactorily and rent paid regularly.

If your tenant has been responsible for theft or damage, the Council is not responsible for repairing damage caused by the tenant. We cannot provide any guarantee.

What happens if there are problems?

The Council will carry out periodic tenancy for the first six month of the tenancy, visit the property and liaise with the landlord. We will mediate in any disputes between the landlord and the tenants and will advise the landlord about the law relating to tenancies and how to end them.

What happens if I want possession of my property?

The Housing Act 1996 makes it easier for landlords to let and regain possession of their property.

All new tenancies in the private sector are assumed to be assured shorthold tenancies, unless agreed otherwise. An assured shorthold tenancy enables a landlord to recover a property more easily than other types of tenancy.

Landlords have a right to regain possession of their property at any time after a fixed term agreed with the tenant has come to an end (providing it is at least six months since the start of the original tenancy).

There is now a straight-forward procedure for getting possession without a court hearing.

The tenancy agreement is between the landlord and the tenant and not the Council.

What do I need to do next?

Contact the Private Sector Letting Scheme who will then arrange to view your property.

The Council is not able to provide references on behalf of tenants. However, officers will carry out suitability assessment of all applicants and only recommend customers that we believe to be suitable for private rented. Please remember that there is no obligation to accept anyone referred by the Council.

You will be required to provide a current Gas Safety Certificate completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer at the start of the tenancy and annually from then on.

You will also be required to provide an Energy Performance Certificate.

You will need to ensure a smoke alarm is equipped on all floors of the property and carbon monoxide alarms in rooms with a solid fuel appliance. The Regulations do not stipulate what kind of alarm is required. Ideally it should be a hard wired alarm system. It can, however, be a single standalone alarm. Landlords are recommended to fit ten year long life tamper proof alarms; otherwise there is a problem of batteries being taken out and not being replaced.  As a final note, heat detectors are not considered sufficient. It will have to be a smoke detector.

Once the paperwork has been completed, the tenancy can begin on a date agreed between you and your tenant.

Rent levels

If you would like information on the rent your property could achieve, you can request a free property appraisal from us. At the appointment a member of our private rented housing options team will talk you through details and answer any questions.

For more information please contact us.

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