Fee for domestic customers:
Fee £76
VAT £15.20
Total £91.20

Pharaoh ants: priced following survey.

For commercial customers, we can provide treatment for commercial premises for rats, mice and some insect pests. Please contact us to arrange a free survey and quotation.

Treat property where affected by garden ants. Usually completed in one visit, but second after 1 month will be free of charge if necessary. Subsequent visits will be charged for. Eradication cannot be guaranteed where access to nests is restricted or cannot be identified

Why are ants a pest?

Black garden ants are a nuisance pest but are not a risk to human health. Their nests are always found in the soil in gardens or under floors. They are completely black in colour.

Annually garden ants swarm as part of the colony (nest) flies away to find a site to create a new colony. This can appear frightening but it is a natural phenomenon and should be over within 48 hours.

Pharaoh ants pose a health risk as they are able to carry pathogens as they travel around an area for food. They are smaller than the garden ant and pale yellow brown in colour. They can penetrate packaging and can contaminate food for human consumption.

Pharaoh ants are only found indoors. They are very agile and are able to climb smooth surfaces. Due to their size and mobility they have been known to access sterile equipment and so can pose a significant risk to human health.

Signs of ants

Black Garden Ants

  • Ants are visible inside and outside the property 
  • Check paved areas outdoors which provides an ideal place to live 
  • Trails of ants may be seen going to and from the nest site (the nest itself is often not visible) 
  • Ants seen around open food / spillages 
  • Small piles of sandy soil around threshold could indicate the nest is nearby

Pharaoh Ants

  • Long narrow trails of ants will be seen moving to and from the nest toward food sources 
  • They need warm humid areas to breed so are often associated with central heating systems and heated indoor areas 
  • Ants will forage for water around sinks and where condensation has occurred

How to prevent an infestation

Garden Ants

  • Ensure good housekeeping in food areas 
  • Food stuffs properly stored and held in sealed containers 
  • Ensure spillages are cleaned immediately 
  • All bins must be emptied and cleaned regularly (not allowing food to spoil in them) 
  • Seal any holes or gaps around windows and doors

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh Ants are brought into the property either via foodstuffs or through infected neighbouring properties. There is little one can do to prevent an infestation.

How to treat an infestation


Aerosols are available to buy from garden centres and DIY stores. Always refer to the product instructions before use and follow these at all times.

A Flying Insect killer will provide a speedy “knock down” and so are only appropriate for short term control. However, Crawling Insect killer is residual and once sprayed around rooms in cracks and crevices including around doors and windows can last for several days if it is not washed / cleaned away.

Dusts and powders

Insecticidal dusts and powders will last for several weeks and kills ants they come into contact with. The dust might need reapplied if it rains. These can be poured straight into nest if it is accessible. Do not apply outdoors as rain will wash it away.

Always refer to the product instructions before use and follow these at all times.

Pharaoh Ants Infestation

If you suspect you have a problem with Pharaoh Ants then you should seek professional help as soon as possible.

These ants are very invasive, quick to spread, even into neighbouring properties. Treatment can be a long process and in some instances it takes up to two months to achieve eradication.

The treatment of Pharaoh Ants is best done by a professional. Treating them with readily purchased aerosols will just make the problem worse.

Contact the Pest Control Service

If you have a problem with ants we offer a competitively priced service for the treatment of garden and pharaohs ants in both domestic and commercial properties.

If you suspect that you have pharaoh ants you should try to get a sample of the insect and send it to us for free identification. Smaller ants can sometimes be caught on sticky tape, placed into a container and then sent in.

For further information or to book a treatment please contact us.


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