Advice for established food businesses

I have run my food business for many years. Where can I find out more information about ensuring I am complying with all the current food hygiene legislation?

It is the responsibility of the Food Business Operator to ensure that you comply with all aspects of food hygiene legislation.

Further information about the current legislation can be obtained from the Food Standards Agency or by contacting the Food Safety team.

Are there any documents or guidance that I can read which would help me to comply with the requirements of the Legislation?

Click on the links below to find out more information:

You can also read this information which may help you comply with the legislation:

I own a butchers shop, where can I find out more information about ensuring I comply with all the legislation and guidance associated with butchers shops?

The FSA website has information about the standards required in butchers shops.

Where can I get advice about E. coli?

This guidance is particularly important for all businesses which handle raw meat and vegetables and ready-to-eat foods. The guidance introduces strict new controls which food businesses must implement.

The FSA website has guidance about E. coli.

Where can I get food hygiene training?

Many organisations run food hygiene training. The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Royal Society of Public Health register trainers to run their accredited courses. Both organisations maintain a list of trainers on their website.

Businesses can search these websites for local trainers or they can do a general search on the internet.

The Food Standards Agency also have guidance for businesses on their website.

What is Feeders Digest?

Feeders Digest is a bi-annual newsletter produced by this department, which is posted out to all food businesses. The newsletter provides up to date information on food safety / food hygiene matters.

You can download the latest edition of Feeders Digest from this page.

Is there any other information that may be helpful?

Further useful information can be found in the New Business Section of this website.

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