Warm Homes Programme

Gas central heating available to private landlords

The Leeds City Region Warm Homes Programme can provide new gas central heating systems and gas connections (where appropriate) to fuel poor private sector households throughout the Bradford District, including those in the Private Rented Sector.

Many fuel poor households in the district do not use mains gas to heat their homes; identifying and improving these properties is the aim of the Warm Homes Programme, to help residents reduce the cost of heating their home. The programme has been developed in response to National Grid’s Warm Homes Fund announced in July 2017 and will deliver first time gas central heating systems to households vulnerable to fuel poverty. All works will be installed by Better Homes Yorkshire.

The Warm Homes Programme can help to reduce fuel poverty in the Private Rented Sector and assist private landlords in meeting their obligations under the new minimum energy efficiency standard (MEES) regulations, which make it unlawful to rent out a property with an EPC rating of less than E. A contribution of £1,500 would be required from private landlords, which will allow their property to benefit from a new first time gas central heating system.

Qualifying criteria

  • The property must be non-gas, meaning it does not currently use mains gas as the primary heating source via a central heating system and the household living in the premises are not connected by a pipe to a distribution main of a gas transporter.
  • All central heating systems must be ‘first time central heating systems’, meaning the property does not have a central heating system currently installed; and the new system should distribute heat to at least one additional room - however, a system with a non-gas fuel source (for example solid fuel fire with a back boiler) with distribution to more than one, but not all of the property’s rooms, is eligible for replacement with a gas fired system.
  • Measures can only be provided to households at risk of being in fuel poverty, which is determined by either their ECO Affordable Warmth status (applicable benefits or Flexible Eligibility) or through the LCR Low Income High Cost test.

What's included

  • An ‘A’ Rated Combi Boiler.
  • Radiators and pipework.
  • Gas connection (if applicable).
  • Installation.

To apply and for more information, please contact Pete Betts, Sustainable Housing Officer, Bradford Council by telephone on 01274 432497.

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