Environmental support for businesses

Businesses and industry in the Bradford District emit approximately 1.3 million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. To reduce the effects of climate change it is important for businesses to cut their emissions and reduce their impact on the environment.

Businesses can also make financial saving by cutting costs by reducing the resources used – like water, energy and raw materials – and reusing or recycling more waste.

Business support and advice

Please contact CO2Sense or The Carbon Trust who are able to provide support to businesses.

Preparing your business for climate change

Interruptions to business are inevitable, how they are managed and businesses respond to them can influence the longevity and profitability of business. As more severe weather occurs it can impact on business. For example, staff may unable to get to work, transport network could be affected, your premises could be damaged.

Eco Network

The Eco Network is a West Yorkshire based organisation run by the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce for those interested in green business. The Eco Network provides advice, networking and training opportunities to its members.