Climate Change Framework for Action

Bradford Council and the Environment Partnership have produced a Framework for Action called "Our District, Our Climate, Our Responsibility" to help tackle climate change in the Bradford District.

It is envisaged that the document will be a ‘live’ document, that businesses, community groups and individuals we can refer to for guidance and to measure our progress towards reducing our impacts. It will be regularly reviewed, monitored and reported against a range of action plans.

One of the intentions is to stimulate discussion on climate change and what it actually means on the ground for the people living and working in Bradford District.

The hope is that some of the issues raised will be discussed in community groups, places of worship, at work and even in the pub.

We have built a special comments section on this web site. This is for you to tell us about the actions that you are taking; to ask questions about what climate change means for you or your group; to show off your examples of really good projects that you have been involved in.

Why have a Climate Change Framework for Action?

We know that our local climate is changing, it’s becoming less stable and on balance the evidence suggests that man made climate change is responsible.

We have all experienced the extreme weather events of recent years and have stories to tell about how these events affected us. The media have graphically shown the effects in the district of major flooding in some communities, traffic chaos in heavy snows or empty reservoirs in summer droughts.

Over the coming years these extreme weather events are going to happen more frequently and how we prepare, adapt and respond is going to be a real challenge for all of us.

We need to put in place a range of actions to minimise the impacts on our communities in the future. We need to do all we can to reduce the effect that our current and future actions will have on the climate. But we also need to adapt to the climate changes that are already happening. The climate will change, how much and how bad its effects are, depends on what we do now.

The framework for Action sets out practical steps we can take over the coming years to minimise climate change impacts on our day to day lives.

District Emissions Target

A target has been set to cut the Bradford district carbon emissions by 40% by 2020.

In general terms it means everyone in Bradford needs to reduce their own greenhouse emissions by two tonnes.

Find out what your emissions are by using the Carbon Calculator

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