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Whilst it is recognised that public events can enhance community life in the District, there is potential for risks to public safety and adverse effect on local people by large numbers of people attending such events unless proper management is in place. The Public Safety Liaison Group (PSLG) has been established to advise event organisers and comprises representatives from Council Departments, such as Emergency Planning, Building Control, Environmental Protection, Highways, Licensing Team, Leisure Services, Street Lighting and others as required.

We also have Emergency Organisation representatives on the PSLG such as the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and the West Yorkshire Police.

The purpose of the PSLG is to offer advice and guidance in order to help organisers discharge their responsibilities. The members of the PSLG will not accept or adopt any responsibilities of the organiser. Organisers will still require approvals from individual departments such as Licensing, Highways, Parks etc.

The PSLG will consider event plans presented by organisers and offer guidance on the content and structure of the Event Emergency Plan. It is not however the role of the PSLG to assist in the planning of the event or writing of plans.

There are a variety of guidance documents available below to help you plan fully for your event. The following documents need to be completed and returned to

  • YAS Event Medical Resource Assessment.
  • Copy of Public Liability Insurance.
  • Event Management Plan.
  • Site Plan.

An event organiser should also produce an event plan, have in place a stewarding plan and where applicable set out a traffic management plan. There should also be adequate Public Liability Insurance in place to cover the event. More information is available within the guidance documents or by calling the Emergency Management Team on 01274 434752.

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