Devolved BSOG Grant - Annual Outputs Report

Page 1: Section A: Background and Contacts

Q1. What is your Local Transport Authority name?

Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Q2. Which geographical region are you in?

Yorkshire and the Humber

Q3. What type of authority are you?

Metropolitan borough council

Q4. How would you classify yourself geographically (NTS Area type definitions)?


Q5. Name of the reporting officer:

Mrs Maureen Pratt

Q6. Contact phone number of the reporting officer:

01274 437828/ 07582101206

Q7. Email address of the reporting officer:

Page 2: Section B: Tendered Bus Network

Q8. Have you used the devolved funds to:

D. Invest in supporting bus infrastructure provision

Q9. If you ticked C, D or E in Q8, please specify the type of services/infrastructure you have invested in.

A. Community Transport run under a section 19 permit

Q10. If you have observed any direct or indirect impacts as a result of the way in which you have used the devolved funds?

A. Cost reductions to the Local Authority

Q11. Please provide a short description of whether you took any mitigating action to reduce the impact of the transfer of BSOG on operators?

Not applicable - The service is provided using an in house fleet

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