Council Tax bills 2018-2019

On this page, you should hopefully find all you need to know about your Council Tax bill 2018-2019.

How do I pay my bill?

The easiest way to pay is by Direct Debit. For more ways to pay your bill, have a look at our Council Tax payments page.

I don't understand my bill

For information about the wording and layout of your Council Tax bill, look at our Council Tax bill explained page.

I need another copy of my bill

You can ask for a copy of your bill to be sent to you.

How much is Council Tax this year?

The amount you need to pay is shown on your bill. For Council Tax amounts for the whole Bradford District, look at our Council Tax bands and amounts page.

Council Tax increases for 2018-19

Council Tax has risen by 5.99% this year. This includes a 3% rise for Adult Social Care (explained in the next sentence below) and a 2.99% increase in the Bradford Council Tax part of your total bill.

The overall increase does NOT include any Parish Precepts you may pay or the parts of Council Tax that go towards the West Yorkshire Police Authority and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority.

Why is there an extra amount on my bill for Adult Social Care?

This year's Council Tax bill, like last year's, includes an additional amount used to help pay for Adult Social Care in the district. More information about this can be found on our Adult Social Care and Council Tax FAQs page.

I'm struggling to pay my bill

If you're struggling to pay your Council Tax bill, please get in touch with us as soon as possible by using our online contact form or calling us on 

Where is the "Council Tax online leaflet"?

More information about Council Tax, as well as the Council Tax online leaflet, can be found on our What is Council Tax? page.

I want to make a Council Tax appeal

You can find information about appealing against your bill, your band amount, or a council decision about your Council Tax on our Council Tax appeal page.

Can I get my bill by email?

If you pay by Direct Debit, you can sign up to get a paperless bill from now on.


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