Interim Children and Young People’s Plan 2021-22

Bradford District partners are proud to serve the youngest and one of the most diverse places in the country. We have a shared commitment to making the district a great place to be a child and a young person. Our intention over the next five years is to become child friendly and a place where every child has the opportunity and support to reach their full potential.

This draft interim plan, ready for sign off, is set to run up to March 2022. During the period from now we will be undertaking joint consultation and engagement with all stakeholders across our District to support development of our five year Children and Young People’s.

We want to put the voice of the child and children’s rights at the heart of the decision making and delivery of all that we do.

We have drawn on evidence provided by our research partners, engagement with young people during the pandemic and consultation with some of our key partners to develop this interim plan.

We have challenges to overcome if we are to ensure our children can thrive physically, intellectually and emotionally so that all our children can have a good home life and achieve throughout their lives in education, in work and be as healthy and financially secure as possible.

The pandemic has had an impact on all children but especially on those who are vulnerable– from family and social life, access to food, mental health, through to remote learning. This is also why it is so important for us to conduct a full consultation on our plans as we come out of the pandemic. We need to ensure that children are at the heart of our recovery and that everything we do is fair and inclusive.