Integrated Early Years Strategy

The Integrated Early Years Strategy is a three year strategy that aims to improve the life chances of children in Bradford by addressing inequalities, narrowing the gap and improving outcomes for all children including disadvantaged children and families across the district. Evidence is clear that children’s early years experiences shape their development, educational attainment and life chances. This strategy will focus on young children’s development – ensuring they are healthy, have good parent-child relationships and are ready for their next stage of learning.

The strategy has been developed to ensure the provision of effective early childhood services through high quality universal services and timely access to specialist services as required. These services will promote prevention, early identification, intervention and targeted support. Robust partnership arrangements will be crucial to support delivery and ensure that community engagement and engagement of parents is at the heart of service approaches. This strategy recognises the wide range of partners that contribute to delivery of the strategy including local authority, health, schools, voluntary and private sector provision. They are all crucial partners in improving the life chances of children and bring different skills, resources and contributions.

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