Children, Young People and Families Plan 2017-20

This plan sets out our vision and our priorities for children, young people and families, how we plan to achieve these, who is responsible, and what success will look like.

The plan will be monitored by Bradford Children’s Trust. The trust is the leadership group which brings together all of the partners who work with children and young people. The plan also sets out two imperatives that we will monitor.

Our vision

Our children and young people are the future of Bradford. We want them to grow up in a Family Friendly City where every child, young person and family is safe and well. We want them to realise their full potential, have high aspirations for themselves and their neighbourhoods and to become adults who help to drive the prosperity of our District.

Our priorities

  • Ensuring that our children start school ready to learn
  • Accelerating education attainment and achievement
  • Ensuring our children and young people are ready for life and work
  • Safeguarding the most vulnerable and providing early support to families
  • Reducing health and social inequalities, including tackling child poverty, reducing obesity and improving oral health
  • Listening to the voice of children, young people and families and working with them to shape services and promote active citizenship

Our imperatives

The partners in Bradford have identified two key imperatives. We believe that tackling them will bring about an immediate improvement to the lives and outcomes for children and young people.

Imperative one: Improve school attendance. We will monitor this by assessing:

  • The number of unauthorised primary school absences.
  • The number of unauthorised secondary school absences.

Imperative two: Reduce the numbers of missing children. We will monitor this by assessing:

  • The number of looked after children who had a missing or absent incident.
  • The number of children missing from education in Bradford.

The imperatives will be owned by everyone working with children and young people across the District and will be intensively tracked so that we can monitor change. We will publish progress on them on a regular basis during the lifetime of the plan for public scrutiny.

Bradford's Youth Voice Framework

To deliver the plan’s priorities effectively, it will be essential to listen to the needs of young people and understand the challenges they face. Our youth voice framework provides a structure within which young people’s views can be listened to and acted upon.

Bradford’s Education Covenant

The Children, Young People and Families Plan sits alongside our Education Covenant, which identifies ways in which everyone across our district can help support the education of our children and young people, from early years, through school, to finding a good job.

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