Children and Young People's Bridging Plan 2015-16

The 2015-16 Bridging Plan describes how Children's Services will work together with the Children's Trust and partners to make a difference to Children and Young People's lives across the district.

We view this plan as a ‘bridging plan’. It sets out the direction we want to take, but we know that we will need to review the plan in 2016 to take account of the district’s New Deal arrangements.

In the Plan, Bradford Children's Trust describe their commitment to making sure every child and young person in the district is supported to have the best possible start in life.

Key priorities for the plan are:

  • Ensuring that children start school ready to learn 
  • Accelerating educational attainment and achievement 
  • Ensuring young people are ready for life and work 
  • Ensuring that there is education, employment and skills for all 
  • Safeguarding vulnerable children and young people 
  • Reducing health and social inequalities

Copies of the bridging plan and its summary version are available on this page.