Bradford imperatives

Children, young people and families plan imperatives

The partners in Bradford have identified two key imperatives which we plan to tackle together. We believe that tackling them will bring about an immediate improvement to the lives and outcomes for children and young people.

Imperative one: Improve school attendance

We monitor this by assessing:

  • The number of unauthorised primary school absences.
  • The number of unauthorised secondary school absences.

Imperative two: Reduce the numbers of missing children

We will monitor this by assessing:

  • The number of looked after children who had a missing or absent incident.
  • The number of children missing from education in Bradford.

The imperatives are owned by everyone working with children and young people across the District and will be intensively tracked so that we can monitor change. We publish progress on them on a regular basis during the lifetime of the plan for public scrutiny.

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