Bradford Children's Trust

What is the Children's Trust?

The Bradford Children’s Trust is the leadership group which brings together all of the partners who work with children and young people, to make joint plans and to hold everyone to account for the outcomes for children and young people. The role of the Trust is to challenge us all to work together and to deliver the best possible services and outcomes.

To do this effectively the Trust needs to:

  • Understand the data and see Bradford’s performance in light of what is happening in the region and nationally.
  • Provide leadership and scrutiny of the District’s priorities as they relate to children and young people. In particular the Trust will take responsibility for Priority 1, Good schools and a great start for all our children.
  • Make sure that partners are working together and that resources are being used to the best effect.
  • Set the strategic direction for the development of integrated commissioning for children, young people and their families.

Examples of the tasks that the Trust is responsible for are:

  • Putting in place a programme of challenge and discussion about the key outcomes we want for the Children, Young People and Families Plan.
  • Helping to keep all agencies focused on a shared set of outcomes.
  • Working as partners and with service users to co-design services.
  • Using the joint strategic needs assessment to inform our service development and commissioning.
  • Jointly developing, delivering and resourcing strategies and action plans to meet our priorities.
  • Seeking opportunities where appropriate to jointly commission services to meet priorities.
  • Addressing barriers to meeting priorities and to identifying future needs, including communication, information and data sharing.
  • Ensuring safeguarding underpins all activity and to provide a framework for the effective operation of local arrangements.
  • Focusing on preventative and early intervention services for children, young people and families in the context of the early help offer which builds resilience and self reliance.
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance against agreed priorities of the Children's Trust and to ensure that actions are taken when outcomes are not improving.
  • Using performance monitoring information, statistical data, intelligence and evaluation to inform future planning, commissioning and decision making and maintain an overview of progress towards achieving the stated outcomes and targets.
  • Keeping the children’s workforce informed and involved, providing clear direction, development and training as necessary.
  • Ensuring children, young people and families have a voice in decision making that affects them.
  • Clarifying and simplifying governance structures and decision making.
  • Building upon good practice and developing an evidence based approach to what works.
  • Improving outcomes for children, young people and families through multi agency redesign where this is the best way forward.

The Children’s Trust is the partnership leadership group for the delivery of the six key priorities for children and young people in Bradford set out in the Children, Young People and Families Plan.

These priorities are:

Great start in life and good schools

Priority 1: Ensuring that our children start school ready to learn

Priority 2: Accelerating education attainment and achievement

Better Skills, good jobs and a growing economy

Priority 3: Ensuring our children and young people are ready for life and work

Better health, better lives

Priority 4: Safeguarding the most vulnerable and providing early support to families

Priority 5: Reducing health and social inequalities, including tackling child poverty, reducing obesity and improving oral health

Safe clean active communities

Priority 6: Listening to the voice of children, young people and families and working with them to shape services and promote active citizenship

We look forward to working with you all on this.

Cllr Val Slater
Portfolio Holder for Health and Wellbeing

Michael Jameson
Strategic Director of Children's Services

Safeguarding children

If you are concerned about the safety or welfare of a child in the Bradford District, these are the numbers that you can call for advice and to make a referral:

During office hours call Children's Social Care Initial Contact Point - 01274 437500 - (8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 4.30pm on Friday)
At all other times, Social Services Emergency Duty Team - 01274 431010
If you have reason to believe that a child is at immediate risk of harm, contact the police on 999

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