School holiday childcare for school-aged children

There are three different types of holiday care for children:

Holiday childcare schemes

Provide supervised play opportunities for children in a safe environment in the absence of their parents. Schemes usually run all day and operate during the school holidays including half term breaks, others are open only during the six week summer break. A holiday scheme would usually provide meals, indoor and outdoor activities, trips and special events.

Open access playschemes

Mostly community based, providing supervised activities for children and young people, mostly during the six week summer holiday break. These activities may be for a short duration each day and may not operate for the full holiday period. Holiday Activities take place during school holidays to allow children to learn new skills, have new experiences, have fun and socialise. Some activity schemes are open all day and can provide childcare for working parents, others offer one or two hour sessions, or half days.

Holiday care

Provides school-aged children with activities and childcare during the school holidays. This allows working parents to continue to work during the holidays and keeps children occupied whilst they are not at school.

Holiday care is provided by various organisations such as schools, community groups and leisure centres.

How can I find a holiday club near me?

To find out what out of school childcare is available in your local area, contact the Families Information Service.

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