Disability Access Funding for three and four year olds

If your child is receiving Disability Living Allowance then you may be eligible to apply for Disability Access Fund to be paid to your child's childcare provider.

Disability Access Fund is for children age three and four year old children who are accessing their free early education hours at a provider in Bradford.

Four year olds in a maintained, academy or free school reception class are not eligible for the Disability Access Fund.

Your child does not need to be taking up all of their entitled hours to be able to access the Disability Access Fund. The funding cannot be split between providers so if your child is splitting their free hours with more than one provider you need to choose the provider you wish the funding to be paid to. It is a payment of £615 per year which is paid directly to your chosen childcare provider.

The funding is to support providers towards making reasonable adjustments that will benefit your child and the setting as a whole. It cannot be used to pay for additional hours; your childcare provider will be able to discuss plans with you to meet your child's needs.

Once funding for the year is paid, the provider will not have to pay back any money even if your child leaves the setting. If your child leaves and goes to a new provider they will not receive any Disability Access Fund payment until the following year.

To apply for the Disability Access Fund, please complete the application form below using the 'Apply now' button, and attach the letter from the Department for Work and Pensions which proves the award of Disability Living Allowance to your child. If you have any difficulties applying online contact 01274 431386

Please note: You will be asked to provide evidence that your child receives Disability Living Allowance eg the award letter.

Apply now for Disability Access Funding

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