Looked After Children Strategy

Our priorities

Staying safe

  • lower the number of children who need to be cared for within public care.
  • lower the numbers of children and young people who are missing from care.
  • lower the number of looked after children who become involved in crime.

Enjoy and participate

  • support and develop our Children in Care Council.
  • ensure through the use of Viewpoint that all looked after children are listened to, so that their views help us plan what we do and make it better.
  • improve placement choice and placement stability.

Improve educational achievement

  • set better targets for each looked after child so we can support them in reaching their full potential.
  • improve the quality of personal education plans.
  • improve school attendance.

Staying healthy

  • improve dental and health assessments.
  • improve access to emotional and behavioural support.

Improved employment, education and training for care leavers

  • improve access to work, education and training for care leavers.
  • provide suitable accommodation to care leavers.

To find out more

You can download the full summary LAC strategy from this page.

You can find out more about services for looked after children and other specialist children’s services by visiting the Council’s website pages, or by calling 01274 437500

For more information on fostering and adoption call 01274 437343


Gani Martins, Interim Assistant Director of Children's Specialist Services
01274 432904

Helen Serlin, Coordinator for the Children in Care Council
01274 435782

Stay safe
Di Watherston, Group Service Manager
01274 435660

Enjoy and participate
Rachel Curtis, Service Manager
01274 435779

Improve educational achievement
Phil Weston, Head of the Bradford Achievement Service
01274 439634

Staying healthy
Dawn Lee and Sue Thompson

Achieving Independence
Vaughan Chapman, Service Manager
01274 433576

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