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What is Targeted Early Help?

Targeted Early Help is a way of giving you and your family extra support. We want to work with you to find solutions to problems your family may be going through. We want to:

  • Help children and young people attend and do well at school, get a job or do further education when they leave school.
  • Help children and adults play a positive part in their community.
  • Help families help themselves
  • Help families deal with any financial problems, family conflicts and support adults with training or getting a job.

We want to help you and your family make lasting and positive changes and prevent the need for other statutory or crisis services to become involved where possible.

We will do this by working closely together with our partner agencies who may also be working with you.

Targeted Early Help works with:

  • Bradford Council – Children’s Services and Youth Services
  • West Yorkshire Police and Probation Services
  • Housing such as Incommunities (our registered social landlord)
  • Health Services
  • Job Centres and a range of voluntary agencies.

Which families do we work with?

We work with lots of different families who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.

It could be that:

  • Someone in the family is breaking the law or getting into trouble with the police
  • Someone in the family is getting involved in anti-social behaviour
  • A child or young person is not attending school regularly or may have been excluded from school
  • The family is not accessing health services which may help
  • There is some family conflict or domestic abuse
  • A family member is claiming out of work benefits and needs help to do training or get a job
  • The family is finding it hard to manage the family’s money

Your family may be experiencing other problems too and the Targeted Early Help worker will help you look at all your family’s needs.

How will we work together?

We will work with you to agree what help you need and your family’s goals. We will work on three questions:

  • What are we worried about?
  • What is going well and who helps you?
  • What needs to happen, how and when?

We will aim to be open and honest with each other about any worries and how we can make the situation better.

You may be offered help in various ways such as though a course or a worker visiting your family.

You may be allocated a worker from one of our teams or local partners who are working with the Targeted Early Help Service.

Your Targeted Early Help worker will coordinate other services working with you and agree a plan and we will review this with you to make sure it meets your family’s needs.

Sharing information

Many families have told us that sharing their experiences and time with different workers can be frustrating.

We will ask your consent to allow us to share information confidentially with our partners. This means we can give you and your family better support. Your worker will explain more about this.

For more information call 01274 432121 

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