Current applications received by licensing team

Date Application Received Application Type Premises/Applicant Name Description of Variation/New Application Details Final Date for Receipt of Representations
16/02/2017 Grant Mr Singh's Bistro, 343 Wakefield Road, Bradford/Mr Singh's Bistro Ltd Sale of alcohol/playing of recorded music  Monday to Sunday  10.30 to 23.00 16/03/2017
07/02/2017 Grant Fleece, 152-154 Main Street, Addingham/Punch Taverns PLC Addition of licensed first floor. Supply of alcohol/late night refreshment (from 23.00) Monday to Wednesday  11.00 to 00.00, Thursday to Saturday 11.00 to 01.00, Sunday  12.00 to 22.30. Live & recorded music Monday to Wednesday  11.00 to 23.00, Thursday to Saturday 11.00 to 00.00, Sunday  12.00 to 22.30  A further additional hour Christmas Eve/Boxing Day/Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday of every statutory Bank Holiday including Thursday prior to Easter Bank Holiday. Start of permitted hours New Years Eve until start of permitted hours New Years Day. 07/03/2017
03/02/2017 Minor Variation Sainsbury's, Harrogate Road, Bradford/Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd Change of layout 17/02/2017
02/02/2017 Grant Bila Mini Market, 168 Clayton Road, Bradford/Alan Hassan Sharif Sale of alcohol  Monday to Saturday  09.00 to 22.00 Sunday  09.00 to 20.00 02/03/2017
02/02/2017 Grant 11 Lymington Drive, Bradford, BD4 9HH/Curtis Crowther Ltd Sale of alcohol Monday to Sunday  08.00 to 21.00 02/03/2017
01/02/2017 Grant Bar 26, 26 Brook Street, Ilkley/Stephen Halliday Sale of alcohol/regulated entertainment/late night refreshment from 23.00 Monday to Wednesday 12.00 to 23.00, Thursday & Sunday  12.00 to 00.00, Friday & Saturday 12.00 to 01.00 01/03/2017
01/02/2017 Review Potting Shed, 94 Main Street, Bingley/Environmental Health Prevention of public nuisance objective - further conditions requested 01/03/2017
27/01/2017 Grant 969 Thornton Road, Bradford, BD8 0HJ/Jolita Dubniakoviene Sale of alcohol
Monday to Sunday 08.00 to 00.00
26/01/2017 Grant Pind Restaurant, 1a Bowland Street, Bradford/Ibrar Akram Late night refreshment

Monday to Sunday 23.00 to 02.00
26/01/2017 Grant Lein Mini Market, 207-209 Manningham Lane, Bradford/Hemen Haji Kadri Salihi Sale of alcohol
Monday to Saturday 07.00-01.00
Sunday 08.00-00.00
25/1/2017 Grant Papadoms, Charles Street, The Broadway, Bradford/Bavava Restaurants Ltd Sale of alcohol/playing of recorded music
Sunday to Thursday 11.30 to 23.00
Friday & Saturday 11.30 to 00.00
New Years Eve 11.30 to 01.00
24/01/2016 Variation Kiplings Restaurant, Unit 11, Station Plaza, Station Road, Ilkley/Twisted Bars (Ilkley) Ltd Performance of live music/playing of recorded music/performance of dance/entertainment of a similar description/vary the layout to include the first floor/vary permitted hours for sale of alcohol and provision of late night refreshment.  Monday to Saturday 10.00 to 01.00 & Sunday 12.00 to 01.00. An additional hour on Friday/Saturday/Sunday of every statutory Bank Holiday weekend. Removal of embedded conditions. 21/02/2017


Once an application for conversion and variation is received the Council will consult the relevant Responsible Authorities which are; West Yorkshire Fire Service, West Yorkshire Police, Bradford Council Planning Services, Bradford Council Child Protection Unit, Bradford Council Environmental Health Services, Health & Safety Executive, and West Yorkshire Trading Standards.

Any of these Authorities are entitled to make representations about the application, providing they are relevant to any of the four licensing objectives. Local residents and businesses in the vicinity of the premises may also make representations, providing they are relevant to any of the objectives.

The four licensing objectives are:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm  

Representations must be submitted by Responsible Authorities and Interested Parties within 28 days, beginning the day after the date on which the application was given to the Licensing Authority.

What happens if relevant representations are made?

If representations are made, the Council will initially suggest that the parties attempt to reach agreement over the concerns.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the Council’s Area Licensing Panel will determine the application. The Panel is comprised of elected Members of the Council (for further information see the separate guidance on hearings).

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