Flexible working solutions

Do you want to save money by reducing office space and working more flexibly?

At Bradford Council we understand the challenging and complex issues you are facing.

The extent and scale of savings we have had to make are unprecedented with further significant savings still to be achieved.

To deliver efficiencies we have re-examined how we work and use our office space. The Council’s operational estate has been completely realigned and we have released over 60 Council buildings, generated £31 million capital receipts, reduced £48 million in backlog maintenance and saved 52,000 square metres of space. Staff are now working in a mobile and flexible way with seven desks for every 10 employees. The benefits include less sickness, better productivity, improved customer service and enhanced life-work balance.

An integral part of the Property Programme is our New Ways of Working team whose members are experienced in implementing flexible working solutions. We have worked with different services across a large, multifunctional organisation and provided training and support to over 3,000 staff.

We understand the public sector and the uniqueness of each service area, and we are therefore able to tailor our approach accordingly. We also appreciate the difficulties people have when faced with wholesale change.

Our staff have the skills, experience and knowledge to support people through this change journey.

The services we offer are backed by our track record of successfully delivering and implementing mobile or flexible working.

Our tailored approach to achieving your outcomes

Step 1. Needs assessment

We meet your management team to identify the scope, timescales and outcomes of the work. We gain an understanding of relevant HR, legal and information security policies.

Step 2. Planning

We establish a project plan with key milestones and checkpoints.

We identify your training and learning needs as well as what support you need, and design an appropriate training plan.

Step 3. Delivery

Design and deliver bespoke training for staff and management followed by a work style analysis – an electronic questionnaire that allows us to determine the best flexible working technical solution.

Establish a project management structure to deliver the agreed policies and protocols for a flexible working solution.

Maintain a clear communications plan to keep key stakeholders informed of how the project is progressing.

Support you to ensure delivery of each key milestone.

Step 4. Evaluation

Deliver a ‘lessons learned’ session three months after the completion of the process and review performance against objectives.

Publish a case study about the project which can be used for both internal and external communications.

Will it work for you?

We have already delivered management training in agile working to Harrogate Council, and we are confident that our approach is transferable across other public sector organisations.

Our own journey is far from over, but we have learned strategies and tactics along the way and would be happy to share our practical and professional knowledge with partners in public and private sector.

Please get in touch with us for a friendly informal chat to find out what we do and how we can be of help to you.

Some examples of what we have done

  • Property Programme revenue savings totalling £37.5 million by the end of 2018/2019 
  • At least one third of Bradford Council is now working flexibly 
  • The services we have worked with to date: 
    • Children’s Services 
    • Adults 
    • Human Resources 
    • Finance 
    • Housing 
    • Planning 
    • Architects 
    • Highways 
    • Revenues and Benefits 
    • Strategic Support 
    • Environmental Health 
    • Public Health 
    • Call Centre 
    • Emergency Planning 
    • Neighbourhoods

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Contact details

New Ways of Working
7th Floor
Jacob's Well

Email : B-FlexProjectTeam@bradford.gov.uk

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