New digital home care log to improve quality of care

Article dated Tuesday Jul 25, 2017 at 05:41 PM

A new digital record-keeping system will improve the quality of care given to older people at home and by improving communication between carers.

This platform allows all information about a person’s care to be stored securely on a tablet that is kept in a person's home. It has been designed by Konnektis, a Bradford-based social care technology company that has been working in partnership with Bradford Council.

Usually, information on a person’s care plan, home care visit records, GPs or other care services is handwritten and kept in a paper file in a person’s home. This can lead to problems, such as a change in care routine or medication dosages not always being clear, or handwritten notes being difficult to read.

Carers using Konnektis can access key information at the point of need and simply type updates on the tablet, such as when a person had a meal or medication support. This information is securely saved and shared with other people in their care network so that everyone is up to date. A notification system automatically sends alerts to the tablet when a change has been made to a care plan; carers have to click to say they have read and understood the change. Carers can also access previous care visit notes so they are aware of any details which could impact on their current visit.

An important element of the system is it records the time the visit was made, for how long and detail of the carer/carers who visited, which provides reassurance for relatives who are not living nearby. Home care managers and families can see this information on a secure website.

The system was piloted last year with a small number of service users and care providers in the district and the feedback has been positive – one care provider described it as “a lifeline” rather than a gadget.

The Council and Konnektis are now rolling out the platform across the district with a large number of service users and providers.

Alex Greenwood, Project Manager at Konnektis said: “Our person-centred approach, designing technology with the different users is at the core of what we do and we would like to thank the carers, care providers, Bradford Council and - of course - the people receiving care for working with us over the past year”.

Coun Val Slater, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing, said: “This is a much more efficient way of keeping a person’s care records, meaning information can be accessed quickly and easily by every professional who visits them which will lead to things being done more efficiently and important details being passed on.”

The Konnektis system fits into the Council's Home First vision which seeks to provide the best quality care at home.

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