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Article dated Wednesday Jul 4, 2018 at 02:53 PM

The next steps in getting Plans in place to shape the future of housing and other infrastructure development in the District will go before the Council’s Executive next week.

The Local Development Scheme sets out the content and timetable for the preparation of Bradford’s Local Plan which is made up of five planning guideline documents.

These are concerned with allocating land to meet housing needs and jobs and supporting infrastructure as well as safeguarding things like  recreation and other green spaces .

Although Bradford has made progress in the plans including getting the Core Strategy document approved, developing Area Action Plans for the City Centre and the Shipley and Canal Road Corridor, recent Government changes, according to the report,  raise issues which have to be looked at before detailed site allocations are made.

In particular, the way the Government calculates the number of houses needed in each area has altered, which means that planners in Bradford, along with others in local authorities in West Yorkshire, may have to recalculate their figures to ensure they area planning for the most appropriate number of homes.

Authorities from across the north of England, as well as the Local Government Association and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority have raised concerns about the impact of the new methodology, which will reduce growth across the north of England.

It is anticipated that the new methodology will dictate a lower housing figure than the one the government only recently approved in Bradford Council’s Core Strategy document.

However, future anticipated economic growth can also be considered, meaning Bradford Council will need to undertake a partial review of housing requirement land in the Core Strategy to see what affect the new Government calculations have when taking into account the ambitious plans for economic growth outlined in the Councils economic strategy, which targets an increase in the size of the local economy of £4bn over the next 12 years.

The partial review of the Core Strategy will commence  immediately and  progress at the same time as the Council considers the allocations. They will  be subject to public consultation before both will be submitted to government for examination in 2020 by an independent Inspector to determine whether they can be adopted.

Coun Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “We are anxious to make progress on implementing all our planning blueprints to maximise the potential for growth across the district for the next decade.

“We know there is a need in our district for quality employment land and for good quality housing too and we are determined to deliver that.

“The government have only recently approved our Core Strategy so it’s not helpful when they change the rules when we’re in the middle of implementing the Local Plan but this is a difficulty which is impacting all local authorities in the north.

“The government is so obsessed about engineering housing growth in the south of England they’re in danger of choking off growth across the north.”

Members of the Executive, which meets at City Hall on Tuesday, 10 July, will be asked to approve the Local Development Scheme for the period 2018 and 2021 and allow it to be published on the Council’s website.

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