Fined for littering

Article dated Wednesday Jul 25, 2018 at 01:12 PM

A total of £84,842 of fines and costs was imposed on people who mistakenly thought they might get away with having to pay on the spot fines for dropping litter in Bradford.

Private Enforcement Officers operate in Bradford, issuing £80 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) to people who drop litter – including cigarette ends and chewing gum and spitting – or allow their dogs to foul.

While many people paid the £80, others ignored the demand and were subsequently taken to court by Bradford Council.

In two hearings in June and July, Bradford Magistrates imposed a total of £45,292 in fines, £33,280 costs and £6,270 Victim Surcharge on 209 people convicted of littering offences.

This works out at a bill of just over £400 for each person and the unwelcome addition of a criminal record against their name.

Coun Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “Our long-term aim is to stop people dropping litter, spitting or allowing dogs to foul.

“It is unsightly and anti-social. If we can change people’s behaviour then we can claim a success.

“Unfortunately, it seems the best way to achieve this at the moment is to use Enforcement Officers to issue £80 Fixed Penalty Notices to people who need a sharp reminder, and to take them to court if they neglect to pay it.

“This is not what we want. The only result we are looking to achieve is for people to behave with common sense, face up to their responsibility and dispose of rubbish in the proper way, leaving clean streets for the people of Bradford to enjoy.

“Every penny of the income received by the Council from the FPNs is reinvested in street cleaning services so the people who drop litter are helping to pay for it to be picked up.”

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