Business volunteers inspire pupils

Business and community leaders provided inspiration to school pupils at Parkland Primary School on 26 February.

The day involved volunteers from different career sectors taking part in a ‘What’s my line’ event where children worked out the work of those businesses taking part, helping to overcome stereotypes young children can often have based on gender and ethnicity.

Leaders from business and the economy visited classrooms to talk in small groups to children about the world of work and what skills people need to do certain jobs.

The businesses taking part included a chemist, an engineering firm, a film maker, representatives from the literacy trust, as well as Magistrate Gill Arnold who was the key speaker.

The event was organised by Bradford Pathways and forms part of the district's wider Education Covenant initiative, which aims to bring businesses, communities and schools together to inspire young people and raise education attainment.

Gill Arnold JP, Deputy Chairman of the Magistrates West Yorkshire Bench and key speaker at the event, said: “Inspiring children and young people across our district is a fantastic way of giving young people food for thought as to what they may do in the future, and a great way for businesses to volunteer and to give back to the community."

Michelle Connor, deputy headteacher at Parkland Primary School, said: “The What’s My Line careers event really helped to make the children aware of realistic career prospects and to raise aspirations for their own futures. The event helped children can make links between what they learn in the classroom and how it relates to the world of work.”

Coun Imran Khan, portfolio holder for education, employment and skills, said: “We’re grateful to the volunteers from business for giving their time to inspire young people to think about what they want to do in the future. It’s great businesses can embrace our Education Covenant. It shows that everyone can help support young people to achieve more. Getting the community involved to help young people achieve is what our Education Covenant is about.”

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