Refer a death to the Coroner

If you’re a doctor, you should refer a death to the coroner if the following apply:

  1. You can’t state the likely cause of death
  2. You weren’t there when the deceased died
  3. You didn’t see the deceased within the 14 days before or after their death
  4. The cause of death isn’t natural
  5. The deceased was being detained, for example in police custody, when they died

To refer a death to the Coroner, please complete this GP referral form (Word document, 103kb).

Completed forms should be emailed to

Please make sure that you tell others in your team if you intend to refer a death to the Coroner, so they don’t issue an MCCD (medical certificate of cause of death) in the meantime.

Letting the family know

If you’re referring a death to the Coroner, or know that a death will be referred, please explain to the family:

  1. That you aren’t issuing the MCCD
  2. Why you aren’t issuing the MCCD
  3. That they can’t register the death at this time
  4. That you have referred the death to the Coroner
  5. A member of the Coroner’s staff will contact them in the coming days to explain what will happen next.

Note: Page adapted from Birmingham Council content under the Open Government Licence for public sector information, version 3.

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