Inquests listed for hearing

Please be aware that all online listings are subject to change. Inquests can be added or cancelled at short notice. If you are coming to observe and want to check whether an inquest will be proceeding as listed, we suggest you contact the office for confirmation 24-48 hours in advance.

Listed for hearing at:


The Coroner’s Court, City Courts, The Tyrls, Bradford, BD1 1LA
(Map and directions to the Coroner's Court in Bradford)

Resumption of Inquests:


Time of Hearing:

Monday 26 September

9.30am - Danny Kelly

Tuesday 27 September

9.30am - Danny Kelly

Wednesday 28 September

10am - John Saxon

Thursday 29 September

10am - Andrew Binns

11.30am - Richard Taylor

Friday 30 September

10am - Eleanor Scurrell

Tuesday 4 October

10am - Sheila Barker

Wednesday 5 October

10am - Sheila Barker

Thursday 6 October

10am - Sheila Barker

Friday 7 October

10am - Sheila Barker

Monday 10 October

11am - Issac Brocklehurst

Tuesday 11 October

10am - George Stringer

Wednesday 12 October

10am - Stanley Caston

Thursday 13 October

10am - William Ellis

10pm - Norman Barnard

1.30pm - Hugh Foster

2.00pm - Shelley Arda

Friday 14 October

10am - Pamela Myring

12 noon - Clifford Stocker

2pm - Jonathan Speight

Tuesday 18 October

10am - Mandy Waterhouse

12 noon - Maksina Kausar

02.00pm - Nazreen Akhtar

Thursday 20 October

10am - Jacqueline Monger

2pm - William Cook

Tuesday 25 October

10am - Grozda Raskovic

Thursday 27 October

10am - David Tucker

11.30am - Keith Roylance

12.30pm - Saeed Raja

Friday 28 October

10am - Samuel Templeman

12.30pm - Michael Sweeney


The Coroner’s Court, Civic Centre, Huddersfield, HD1 2NH
(Map and directions to the Coroner's Court in Huddersfield)

Resumption of Inquests:


The Coroner’s Court, Town Hall, Crossley Street, Halifax, HX1 1UJ
(Map and directions to the Coroner's Court in Halifax)


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