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This page explains some of the screens you will see in your 'MyInfo' account. We first explain the Council Tax pages, then we explain the Benefits pages - not all of this may appear in your account.

Council Tax pages

Council Tax summary page

  • Start Date: This is the date your liability for Council Tax started. 
  • Liabilities raised: This displays the full year charge for this financial year. 
  • Arrears/Credits: This will display arrears your owe or if there is any credit balance on your account. 
  • Method of payment: Where you pay your account by Direct Debit. You will notice your account shows as being in credit (in the arrears/credit field) for two or three days prior to your actual monthly payment date. This is when the requests to banks are generated. Your actual payment will always be taken on the 'Method of Payment' date.

Your Transactions page

  • Classification Description: The descriptions here describe the types of transaction that have taken place on your account Adjustment is an adjustment due to either a Council Tax Reduction or a Second Adult Rebate. 
  • Amount: The values that are credits on you account and will reduce the amount you owe will be displayed with a – minus sign eg -304.95. Debit amounts which will increase the amount you owe will be shown just as an amount eg 1219.78

Your Payments page

  • Payment Type: This is a description of the method used to make the payment. 
  • Date: Where payments are made by Direct Debit, the date displayed here will be the date the request is made to the bank. The payment will always be taken on the payment date agreed with you.

Benefits pages

Benefit Claim Details page

  • Weekly Entitlement: This is the amount of Housing Benefit you will receive for each week you are liable to pay rent. 
  • Payment Date: This is the date the payment is issued.

Your Household Summary page

  • Relationship: This is the relationship between the claimant and other members of the household 
  • Income Type Description: This is the different types of income received by the named person. There are certain income types - Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance Income Based and Pension Credit Guaranteed that will not be displayed here.

Your Entitlement page

  • Entitlement: This is the amount of Housing Benefit the claimant is entitled to receive. Where there is 0.00 there is no entitlement.

Your Payment History page

  • Recipient: This is the person or company who receives the payment of Housing Benefit. 
  • Payment Date: This is the date the payment is issued.

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