Principles of the Value for Money Guidance on Social Care

The resources the Department of Adult and Community Services has to meet the eligible needs of the population of the Bradford District must be taken into account when staff are considering and negotiating with people who need support as to the most appropriate way to develop their support plan and meet their individual eligible needs. The objectives are:

  • people with eligible needs will be informed of an indicative and final budget that will be consistent with other people with similar needs
  • A sustainable system that operates within our financial means.

Anybody who is negotiating a support plan must get the right balance between:

  • appropriateness to needs and outcomes
  • risk
  • value for money

All solutions must be lawful

Establishing a value for money approach, that is, limiting the personal budget to a point where cheaper, but suitable alternative solutions are adequate and meet eligible need, will ensure that the wider obligations of Bradford Council towards the local population generally are fully considered.

Implementation of the guidance will ensure that the resources provided to meet eligible needs will be spent in the most cost effective and appropriate manner. It will also ensure that the opportunity for people to have their social care needs met in a way that they choose, extends to, at least the point where the cost of doing so is less than or equals the cost of meeting their needs via provision of a traditionally provided alternative service (generally long term care, but extends to respite and day care where eligible need could be met by such a service).

This guidance applies to anyone that assists an individual with Support Planning including staff employed by Bradford Council, but also other people or organisations that may, in time, be chosen by individuals to carry out this function.

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